Climate change

Climate change is one of the more worrying by the defenders of the planet Earth. There are many institutions that are struggling every day to raise awareness to the Governments of the countries most important in the world, of the serious effects causing climate change in the coming years in some areas of the world.

The effects of climate change

For many years many professionals who are dedicated to the study of the weather forecast, looking for the direct relationship that has the climate change in the weather and the possible consequences of the warming of the planet Earth.

The climate is changing

In recent years the fashion has changed. The question is that you have to see the fashion with climate change. The answer I don’t. I merely observed.

There is a small relationship between the two. First, because some time ago we have been talking about the lack of natural resources. The oil shortage has different consequences.

Returning to the observation of the climate changes that are occurring in the Canary Islands are sold today coats. It seems like a joke. And if not. Global climate change is a phenomenon.

These a winter Sunday peninsular locked up at home with the heater on. Looking forward to the good time. That the hours of sunshine are elongated. Power stop sneezing, coughing and tremble because queen the flu. And you think: I’m going to the fortunate Islands, the Canary Islands. Since surprise. Climate change, a news story that has occupied many pages of newspapers and scientific publications, ruins the flight.

It turns out that after more than a century without disturbing, awaken volcanoes in the background of the closest to the islands. Specifically the of Fuerteventura, one of the havens national. Rare causes changes in the island weather. Winter arrives peninsular and occur only own tropical storms. The storms are accompanied by very cold winds for those who are accustomed to enjoy average temperatures of 22 °C.