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"BBC Weather is a website where you can see the forecast of major World cities and aplication forecast BBC Weather. Become best community of forecast weather"


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BBC Weather is a website where you can see the forecast of major World cities. On the website of BBC Weather we will find three differentiated paragraphs. The first one refers to the main European cities, of which often the BBC weather forecasts are published. Some of the most visited European cities and with a great tourist attraction are; Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin, to cite the most relevant.

BBC Weather presents to us in its second section information of the meteorological forecast of the important cities of the American continent. Of the American continent we have information of the weather forecasting of Toronto, Washington, New York, through Mexico City, to cities of South America such as Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile.

And the third section of the website of BBC Weather we will be able to see the forecast of cities of the Asian continent. In 'BBC Weather' we will visit the most enchanting cities of this impressive continent, rich in given culture its diversity of languages, religions and ways of understanding the life.

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BBC Weather in major European cities

Europe the old continent is probably the area of the world where there is more sensitivity to respect the environment and where its inhabitants are more aware that reduce pollution braked the effects of climate change. We've already talked about other times in the web of BBC weather, the impact of climate change in the weather forecast.

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BBC Weather in major American cities

In the American continent many countries leave regulations to reduce pollution in the background. Some of these countries by its recent industrial growth and others such as the United States for not wanting to lose competitiveness in today's economy. Despite the devastating effects that suffer year after year.

Reduce the pollution in major Asian cities

In Asian The countries are working to make strong their economies and do not have a priority to reduce the pollution.

In the coming weeks we'll present a remodeling of the web, with new content on natural disasters and the effects of climate change. Beware the package of novelties that will arrive in February 2014.