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Natural Disasters

The relationship between climate change and natural disasters

Natural disasters and their effects in the world are reason of continuous study, both to plan in advance their appearance as to try to understand the because of their existence.

The cyclogenesis

We have seen this phenomenon more frequently to the arrival of winter. This is a meteorological phenomenon very spectacular. Very showy. But it also has very adverse consequences for the coastal towns.

The area where more has been generated this year 2014, has been on the Cantabrian coast. The provinces of northern Spain has suffered with tragic consequences. The Cantabrian Sea has been pushed with great force by the Atlantic Ocean. That disaster. The sea has virtually cleared the beaches. And what of the promenades. A real scare.

Scientifically, and with what I have heard in the news of the time, it is the closest thing to a cyclone. This word already alarm input. As it is to be alarmed. And as we went through in the last few weeks, it is difficult to predict. In less than 24 hours passes from one rain to raised a few winds capable of lifting waves of more than 5 meters. These waves, with these heights breaking directly on the shores. From here the terror. As a result of this phenomenon is important to know that they may be accompanied by tornadoes